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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Tommorow, emmm or actually 6 hrs from now I will be heading to my first official scuba dive trip... I am supposed to be in bed now, tucked in, sleeping, resting, snoring or whatever you wanna name it :P .. I am actually too excited and too scared that I cant sleep... Feels like am heading to a major Final exam that I didnt study for. ( hmm thinking about it... IT IS an Exam .. lets hope I pass and get my license)

I shouldnt be THAT worried coz I went scuba diving once before, like 3 years ago (unlicensed unofficial commercial dive) it was an actual open-water dive nonetheless. OH MY GOD!! I just realized that I signed a document stating that in case I die while diving NO ONE would be responsible ... heheheh how convenient .. oh well .. It was fun and I dont regret it... It's actually the reason why I am applying for my scuba diving license now :) wish me luck ...

I am excited, worried, thrilled, scared and above all.. sleeepy *yaaaawnn*

Final thought : "I will surviiiiiiiiiive.. I'm gonnaaa make it through ... " errrmm or lets hope so ;P


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