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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Survey: To All Guys Out there!

How would you feel if a girl asked you to have a "No-strings-attached" relationship?

A) GREAT!! Bring it on!
B) Hmm, there must be a catch! Shall I read the small print?
C) No Way! I am NOT playing that game!
D) Other (and state your reaction)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I can NOT get enough of .....


Ohh, and the other day, I was followed by a guy who looks EXACTLY like ....

Can you imagine how terrified I was?! There is NO ONE that I know who I didn't call out for help! Heheheh it was scary then, bs hillarious NOW .. LOL!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Co-worker From HELL!!

In my new job, I have this co-worker, who I first met few years back as my cousin's classmate. When I saw him at work the first time, it was all nice and formal, all "hi's"and bye's". THEN, he started talking! Started making conversations! Started shocking me! and STILL does....

Want to know the "shocking conversations"? Hmmm lemme give you a sample...

Conversation Uno
Him: Haaaa cutyaaa.. Shloonich?!
/me thinking: (cutyaa? shako?)
Me: hmmm zaina, enta shloonik?
Him: Makoo.. thaba6t wa7daa ams.. 3ad mn zemaaan mo 6ale3 ba66alt agez...
/me shocked!
Me: Ohh ok

Conversation Dos
Him: Good morning!
Me: Good morning..
Him: Yah Yah Yah 9ayraa 7elwaa elyoum.. esh3enich? emwa3daaa?
/me shocked!
/me no comment!

Conversation Tres
Him: Agoool..
Me: Hala?
Him: chenna awal kaan jesmich a7laa? kentay skinny.. tara a7laa 3laich..
/me pissed off!
Me: a7la wela mo a7la! It's none of your business o ma7ad 6alab rayik!

Conversation Cuatro
Him: OKH! Laish 7asha sha3rech?! Ma a7b el-BOY!
Me: Listen! I think I have to state clearly that ako farg between me, your diwaniya friends, and your GF.. as I believe that you do not see that LINE and you keep crossing it all the time! PLZ STOP talking to me until you see that LINE clearly...
Him: eshda3waaa ! Yalla 3aaad!
Me: I said STOP talking to me until you see that LINE!
Him: okay okay.. khalas .. I am so sorry! Wont happen again! bs la t3a9been!

He stopped being a jerk for a couple of conversations, then he is all BACK being a jerk and all... I really don't know what to do with this guy!! Does anyone have a "Co-worker from Hell"? How do you deal with him/her?

Last Thought: For some reason, I keep avoiding the sun, though I am dying to get a golden tan! Could it be? Me? Worried about wrinkles? What the *BEEEEEEEEEEP*?!?!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Which path would you choose?!

  1. A Career that you don't like, but really good at.

  2. Your Manager gives you full support, and anything you want is basically considered 'done'.

  3. Very hectic and busy daily schedule

  4. A promising career with good salary/bonus/promotions



  1. A Career that you really really love, and you 'think' that you will do extremely good at

  2. You manager is not that bright, however promises to show you the needed support.

  3. Very relaxing and flexible schedule, with occasional busy days.

  4. A challenging career, as there are ALOT of ppl getting into it, with 'okay' salary that would be good, IF and ONLY IF you really succeed!

Last though: Planning for your future is NOT easy, NOR, looking back at your past regreting that you didn't plan it well :/ HELP!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

To Whom It May Concern,

Dear You,

Please read my following reasons/excuses for not posting lately:

  1. I have this new job that is draing "3/4" my energy (daily morning meeting @ 7 am, need I say more?)
  2. At my work, I have access to internet and all, however, I can not check my e-mail, post comments or write a post. (aaal eih? security reasons :/)
  3. The remaining "1/4" of my energy is split between the gym, family & friends.
  4. Weekends are mine! All mine! Just to sleep, get massages, manicures, padicures and eat chocolate!

Moving forward, lemme talk about the things that I did in this past period - Just to keep you guys updated: (as IF you care *giggles*)

  1. I went to Shrek 3 ( my favorite scenes : the dying 7awal frog, the scared biscuit that pooped hahaha, and the farting baby shreks :P)
  2. I downgraded alot of Friends from "BF" (Best friend) to either "RF" (Regular Friend) or even "NF" (Not a Friend). I am rejudging my frienships.. It's about time :/
  3. I went to a "Cancer" Charity event, which was alot of fun. Alot of VIP ppl, Nice music, Tariq Al-Ali did the auction which was halarious, Husain Al-Jasmi sang amazingly at the end of the night. It was well organized, very classy, very entertaining and it was for a good cause :)
  4. I managed to have the time to go to ONE wedding, which was the worst wedding I've ever been to or heard of. And to know the families that were organizing! Tsk Tsk disapponited!
  5. I miss you guys! I never stopped reading the blogs.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Out of the Blue!

For some unknown freakin' reason, I woke up this morning with this sentence in mind:

"!!! زواج عتريــس مــن فــؤادة بــاطـــل "
The only logical thing to say now is "¿Por qué ?" :/ Sadly, I have no "F-word" Clue!!
Last thought: Miss Moi? *giggles*

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Once upon a time ...

I had a life!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

*** My Ultimate Code ***

*** 315 ***

Go Go Go Go, Go Cuteberry It's your Birthday!! ;P

P.S: Mosaani, this one is for you too, Happy Birthday ;)

Last thought: It's the best thing ever when you get to have a cake/cupcake for your birthday when you least expect it :) *blush*

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My bébé iz not home :(

"Caution: Weird semi-french language ahead"

Oh well Good luck with tonight's post:

I havve nosing to do tonightt so, I go fogh little` shoppingg in za ve'ghy c'gho'wded Aghrea de Salmeya. I go in za shopp and I buy somesing fogh moi andd fogh ma mére. ZENN ZEE DIZAZTEGH!!!! My Cagh got zis oghange clampp on zaa side. I paghked in za NO STOP zoné, you know zat yelloww and ze black, iz no goood *sniff sniff*

Mon bébé iz not home wiz me tonightt. It iz in Da salmeya Blvd waiting for moi to get tommoghow :(

How can I Zleep? Ohh well, Bonne nuit ...

Last thought: If you had some trouble reading the post then, here are some help tips:
gh= French R, s = th, z= s, doube letters = emphasize on it when reading outloud. It should be fun *wink*

Monday, March 05, 2007

"Confession of The Month"

Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned...

"I've quitted my job a month ago, and I've been jobless, unemployed, and a lazy a$$ ever since; and the freaky strange part is that I am actually LOVING IT!!!(which is sooo unlike me)!"

Last "Greedy" Thought: Me want more FREE TIME doing NOTHING useful at all! Cheers to my current-favorite idol, Homer Lazya$$ Simpson *giggles*