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Sunday, July 30, 2006

"Sushi Club"

For the past week, I was craving Sushi... And its like mission imposible to find a sushi partner :/ I just dont get it!!.. How can anyone not be in the mood for sushi?!?! its light, tasty and a nice treat ... Anyhooo, after some negotiation and convincing, my friend, lets call her "Lexi", finally agreed.. I wanted to try out Hashi, the new sushi place, even though I heard more negative reviews about it than positive... But I wanted to try it and judge it myself.. That's what I always do as I believe that ppl have different and unique taste in everything. What other might LOVE, I might absolutely hate, and vice versa.. So, i was expecting to have my dinner at Hashi last night... Bs in the last minute, Lexi said "If u really wanna have Sushi, then lets go try Sushi Club!" ... Hmmm, So ok, i wanted to go to Hashi bs I didnt try out Sushi club either, so why not?

We went to Sushi club, I walked in all hyper and happy to be having sushi soon, smiling and "Kinichiwa" everyone heheheh. And there was this tall egyptian guy who works there and he looks like he is stoned or high or something...

Cuteberry: Kinichiwaaaaaa *smiles*
Egyptian host in Sushi Club: *blah look*
Cuteberry: hi, we need a table for two plzzz
Egyptian: *Blah look*
Cuteberry: lemme go check upstairs
Lexi: Yeah do that!
Cuteberry: *checks upstairs and back* Hmm its couple's night o ana emjabletech .. hehe we3
Lexi: yal khaysaaa ! ok ok lets sit in a cabina or whatever .. heheh ambaih cabina ma3aach shakoooooo .. heheheh
Cuteberry: *laughs and talks to egyptian* Ok naby cabina
Egyptian: *Blah look*
Cuteberry: *points to cabina* We want this .. naby hatha .. naby nakil ehnak
Egyptian : *Blah look and points to the desired cabina*
Lexi: *whispering* what da hell is wrong with this guy? is he ok?
Cuteberry: whooooooo cares? Sushiiii here i come

So, since I was hungry I ordered more than I can eat, AS ALWAYS.. We ordered #63 on the menu which is like 36 pieces and ordered Prawns Tempura... Imagine, two girls with this amount of sushi heheh.. the place is kinda nice and quiet .. bs the music playing was hmmm ambaih ! I felt like am having sushi in the middle of Cairo.. 7akeeem singing, some unknown lebanese singers and some corny lyrics .. I mean at least put on some lounge music... plus its "Couple's night" then why not some romantic songs?!?! why 7akeeem o Arwaaa and stuff? The food was ok, not wow but ok... We ate what we could, talked, laughed and gossip ;) .... Overall it was fun :> Lexi doesnt eat raw, she thinks its disgusting.. I kinda agree bs am ok with raw salmon and some other stuff, depends on my first try... She hates trying weird stuff, while I on the other hand, emm i like to try and decide...Well, I dont regret eating fried frog legs in Miami, they look kinda freaky but it was soo damn tasty hehehe yup yup Lexi thinks am a monster heheeh

So, it was time for us to leave and Lexi wanted to do a lil experiment, so she walked to that egyptian guy

Lexi: Thank you *smiles*
Egyptian: *Blah look*
Lexi: m3 el-salamaaaaa *waves*
Egyptian: *Blah look*
Lexi: enzain Bye *smile fades away*
Egyptian: *Blah look*
Cuteberry: hahahahahaah
Lexi: No hope.. the kitten ate his tongue *tet7al6am*
Cuteberry: yalla take me home... Curfew curfew ..
Lexi: ok ok yalla

Last thought: I love Maki and I love Sushi Samba .. And I love all my Sushi-partners :*


  • At 1:09 PM, Blogger Purgatory said…

    Anything besides Edo is not sushi.

  • At 3:14 PM, Blogger Extinct Dodo said…

    sushi club oo bas.. next time go for the 24 pieces mixed sushi platter (i forgot the name.. x-mix maybe).

    and i never saw an egyptian guy there before.. hmmm weird

  • At 10:21 PM, Blogger Cuteberry said…

    purgatory: I like Edo bs Maki is my favorite :)

    extinct-dodo: he was there last night.. you might see him in ur future visits to Sushi club :)


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