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Monday, August 07, 2006

I've been "Cupped" !!

Ok, so here's the story.. I love massages sooo much that I'm actually addicted. I mean who doesnt love those long relaxing massages after a long day at work or after a fun weekend full of activites? Mostly, I go to spas to spoil and pamper myself BUT sometimes I really NEED those massages coz my back would freakin` hurt. I love trying out new places and spas, different massages and techniques and new ways to make me feel spoiled *wink*

Anyhoooo, after a long exercise at the gym the other day, my back was killing me. It was nothing like the usual post-exercise pain. It was waaaaay worse! *sniff* Whenever I moved my shoulder or try to reach out to something, I would feel a sudden painful pinch! It would come and go as it pleased. For no freakin` reason other than me moving. So, what the heck was I supposed to do?! Not move at all?!?!?!

So, I decided to have a massage which might set me free from all that awful pain.And I did, I went to this chinese woman, had two hours of great massage, had that specific spot massaged and pressured and I was all happy and ready to go. I was done, right?! Ahhhhhhhhhh-NaH!! Once I moved from that massage table and that F$#&^@ pinch came back stronger that ever!!! My eyes were all teared up... Yup it was soooo painful that I was gonna cry right then and there (dont you be calling me cry-baby until you suffer like I did :P)

The chinese woman suggested the fire-cupping therapy. She was so damn sure that it would be the best solution. At that point, I was like what daa hell? Fire or no fire, I need this to go AWAY! So, I got cupped! I expected the cups to be hot and burnin` but it wasnt like that. She would use the fire to heat up the air in the cup or something then squeeze the cup into my back to the point that it would stick. After 5 minutes it started to hurt, as its been squeezing more and more. However, IT DID THE TRICK! I felt no pinch. I had no pain. I was free all over again. *GRIN*

I went back home, telling mamaty all about the experience bs once I showed her my back, she started crying! I didnt see my back.. I didnt know why she was crying. I took a look at the mirror and it was all bruised-looking like someone had beaten the *beep* out of me. I was ok with that, am pinchless now *grin*. My mom, however, started lecturing me about me being my worse enemy and that I always manage to hurt/burn/bruise myself and always finding new ways to do it, Cupping being the latest heheheh (Love you Nooni :* , u're sooo cute! *Umwah*)

Last Thought: Why is it that whenever I decide to take you off my mind, heart and life, it's the same time you decide to show up again with ur love and care?!


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