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Monday, October 30, 2006

My Dark Secret!

I have a crush on "Someone"!,
or shall I say "a blogger"?
Last thought: Now that you know, I have to take you down! BANG BANG!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

To Whom It May Concern,

This post is written to give out some of my personality, to show the real me, it's random stuff from here and there:

* I am a morning person, I love the sunshine. The more sunshine, the better my mood gets :)

* I love dogs more than cats. I had two dogs and I still have my cat, "Ga6oosha"

* I have never been in love. Looking forward to when this happens. (Am I heartless? I don't know!)

* I hate all kinds of smoke! However, if I have to choose to sit next to a smoker, it would be cigarettes, sheesha, cigars respectively. (Eekh!)

* I have a weakness for ice-cream (KDD Thahab being my favorite) and Mawale7. Sometimes I like to have both at the same time. *eye-rolling*

* I like it when people think I am mysterious and hard to understand *giggles* I just think they are trying too hard.

* I am nice with everyone, regardless. However, once I feel that people are mixing being nice with naive, I show my other side, (dark side) Neyahahaha! :P

* Two types of people that I can NEVER stand, the "always suspicious" and the "Stingy". NEXXXTTTTT!!

* My favorite animals are: a horse, a dolphin and a dog. (If I can have all of them, I would be in heaven!)

* I had "Cute Devilish" on my fridge, til one day I noticed that my dad changed it to "Cute Angel". I've been a "Cute Angel" ever since. (Isn't that sweet?! *wink*)

* For some unknown freakin` reason, I can NOT wait til I turn 27. I really am looking forward to it.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Back in Business!

Back to business. Back to work, "Real work". "Getting up early and leaving late" work. "Doing actual work" work. I guess this is one of the things about Ramadan that I will surely miss. The slacking-off, the nothing to do at work, the guilt-free laziness and everything that I did (err or didn't do) blaming it on Good Holly Ramadan.

Eid was good. Well, it was okay. I didn't get any 3eediya though. Not even after I used my famous CSPF (Cute Sad Puppy Face) *sniff sniff*. I tried, I did I did, but no luck. It reached a point that just when I say "3eedik embarak" the answer would be "Laa! No 3eediya for you!" *giggles* allah kareem. I enjoyed it nonetheless. Hope you all did.

I need to lose those couple of kilos I gained in Ramadan. The thing is, my gym membership ended exactly with the last day of Ramadan (What a luck huh?) I dunno whether I should renew my membership or just try a new gym so I can start off fresh and energized. Until then, my friend suggested that if I go 2 weeks without eating anything after 6 pm, I can easily lose those vanity kilos. I think I will give it a shot!

I am not an addicted blogger yet, but I sure MISS some of the bloggers *wink*

Last thought: Psssstt. You. Yes, YOU! I miss you ;)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

To All Maa Brothaaaaz & Sistaaaaz..

This coming Eid is considered my first eid in Kuwait after 8 long years. I don't think I am looking forward to it honestly and I don't know why. I am assuming that the fact that I am not going to be getting 3eedia is what's killin` it for me. The fact that I no longer going to count maa money-eh after each dinar I recieve. The fact that I no more going to tease my sisters/cousins that I am 1/4 dinar richer. The fact that I won't be able to cheat my dad and tell him that he didn't give me 3eedia and I end up getting it three or four times.
*Wondering* Am I going to get 3eediya this Eid? Ohhh Am I suppose to give 3eediya?! DAMN! I hope not! heheheh I demand that as long as we don't have kids, we are suppose to be treated as kids and get 3eediya from everyone and anyone. *giggles* Let it be 1/4 dinar (ahh the good old days) or let it be 20 KD (Kids these days won't take less!)

To all my brothaaz and sistaaaazzz,

$how me the moneeeyyyyyeeeeehhh!

عـــــيــــد كـــــــــــــــــــــــم مـــــــبــــــــــــارك وعـــساكـــــــــــم من عــــواده

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"The Ramadan Language"

Ramadan is almost over. It passed by real fast yet too slow. Too fast that I can't believe it's almost over, yet too slow that I can hardly wait to go back to my old system. I had a great time though, with all the family gatherings, ghabgat, silly tv shows and those TV ads...

I am just gonna write stuff down.. Stuff I might laugh at when I look back.. Stuff that I might use for future refrences.. Stuff that I like to call
"The Ramadan Language"
  • Maddaaaaaaaaaam same same Maddaaaam, Maddaaam same same Maddaaaaaam (I have to admit, I love this one! *giggles*)
  • Elmota7eddaaaaaaaaa! EMYAAA BEL EMYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (Khalid, this one is for you)
  • Kellaaa entaaaa kellaaa entaaa! Shofy el3yoon 6ebq ela9el 6ebq el-a9el ... (seriously?)
  • Simpaaaa simpaaaa simpatic, ana 7elwaaa ana 6am3aaa ana sheeek, arrab thom, araaab shim!! (Ok, the shim part is my cousin's favorite, heheh BAAAD BAAD BOY!Aaaal aih? a6yaaab el-marshood : SOOO NOT!)
  • And seriously, what's up with the ad that has the groom sitting alone in the corner, sending sms saying "Maaal mn Eskaaan".. Looks more like .. allaah ya36eeek enshalla ,,try bait el-zakkat!
  • It's Bachaaa style.. It's Banaaaat style... It's shabaaab style! It's Myyyyy style! (My mom's favorite hehehe)
  • Keeeethaaa! Yaaa 7abeeeebaaaatyyy!! *crossed eyes*(6ash ma 6ash style! I just love it! I just love it!)
  • I am gonna miss HUBAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLL! *sniff sniff*

I know that all I wrote up there is bunch of kharabeee6...well, what do u expect me to write with stuffed tummy and jammed brain? :P

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Be Wise!

"If you couldn't keep YOUR secret to yourself, How do you expect others to keep it?!"

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Are you busy?!

I am going KooKoo. Yes I am! Do people do this to me intentionally? Do they think it's funny? Am I the only one suffering? Why O Why does this happen to me all the time?!

It's either I have NOTHING to do all day OR I have a Gazillion Receptions and dinners to go to!

It's either my phone won't ring ever OR I have waiting and other lines all at once!

It's either nothing interesting on the TV OR great shows you don't want to miss that overlap eachother!

It's either all my friends are busy OR all want to see me THAT particular day!

Does this happen to you too?

(please say yes, so I would feel better; Thank you for your cooperation) ;)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cheers ;)

I don't think I will be sleeping anytime soon :/

Last thought: Now, whenever I say "cheers" I think of Mosan hehehe I bet its his favorite word ;)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Laaaih homma ketha?

Yesterday, I went to my aunt's house for Futoor. I love going there because she is my funniest aunt, plus my cousins are around my age, and boy oh boy aren't they maleqeen in a funny way or is it purely malaqa? I have no idea! *giggles* Bs they sure make me laugh. I had fun watching the game with the guys over there, they didn't even go to Diwanya for me *grin*

Here are some flashbacks from last night:

** Khalti: "KAKA?! 3aaad omma ma legat esm ela Kaka?! Allah yhadeeha bs!" *LOL*

** Cousin M: "Ashrab Vimto "Welllaa" Leban? Akil Yeresh "Welllaa" Harees ?" (He cracked me up honestly with this Kamco ad, hehehe!)

** Cousin Y was flipping through the channels and he landed on this "Belly Dancing channel" and he was thinking out loud saying: "Wainkom entaw lama nel3ab Haand Bel dewaniyaa? " (He was blushing afterwards hehehe *cute*)

** A Sudani band was singing in one of the channels (kinda rapping to Lambada tone), they were comparing between London and Sudan: "Laaaaaaaaih Homma ketha, homma ketha we7na kethaa laaaaaaaaaaih?" (IT WAS HALLARIOUS!) We were singing it during the game.. You had to be there to feel that vibe ;)

** The weather was super amazing last night, we ended up cruising with open windows and by the time I got home, I was sleeping like a baby :)

Last thought: Did you notice that the hot sauce "Bo deech" did not only change their label color, but the taste as well? IT'S SUPER HOT NOW! 1 new drop = 5 old drops! Ohhhhhh Ahhh!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sad Eyes Never Lie

  • When I'm sad, depressed or lonely I try to get as many hugs as possible (So, for everyone who gave me a hug the other day, Thank you!)
  • When sad, I tend to smile and laugh more than usual, trying to cover-up the sadness in my eyes. People assume that I am actually happy and end up telling me how lucky I am to have such a fun life *sigh*
  • When I feel like crying, I keep smiling; but those burning tears usually end up finding their path down my cheeks silently.
  • If I am depressed, I usually go on long car rides. Cruising alone, thinking, listening to music and tasting the tears.
  • I rather not share my sadness. I'm always the one listening to people's problems, giving them advice, and being their needed support; without saying a word about my feelings.
  • When sad, think happy thoughts. When lonely, call a friend. When depressed, look at the bright side and thank god for being in better conditions compared to others.

Any Extra Hugs would be appreciated:: Please deposit here

last thought: May God reward all good people. No matter how long it takes. No matter how long it looks. Smile! Be patient and Be grateful :")

Thursday, October 05, 2006

New Seatbelt Design

Do you agree OR disagree with the new design's idea?
How can we achieve 100% less car accidents?
Would you order such a seatbelt for someone you know? If yes, WHO? ;P

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

To Moo,

To Moo, My dear co-worker (link)

Last thought: "Alahoma enny sayma!", how many times does one say it a day? "Alahoma eny kent sayma!", could it be used as "After-Futoor" version?

Monday, October 02, 2006

I need an endless supply of .......

I am addicted..
I have no cure..
I need it every day and every night..
Heck, I want it every minute if I can have it..
I surrender to it, I give in, I have no control..
I wish that my main sources keep giving it..
I hope that as many people as possible gets it..
I pray that I never go on without it..
I try to give it as much as I take it and more..
I smile every time I recieve it, especially when unexpected..
I thank God for being able to get it, give it and share it..
I need it, now and forever..
I need an endless supply of " HUGS "

Will you give me a HUG? *opens arms* ;)

Last thought: I would like to thank my main sources for the regular addiction fix.

Patoota: your hugs are amazing, I can never ever get enough of them. (Hug-hegeni always & forever) ;P
Dandash: it's true that we don't hug as much as we used to, yet your hugs are priceless.
A: Your hug is so damn addictive! I love it!
Nooni Mooni: Mamaty, your hug means the world to me. I wish I can have it with every breathe and blink.

To my main "HUG" sources and to my dear friends in real life and in blog world,