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Monday, July 31, 2006

Happy "Executive"Birthday Patoota ;)

### Happy "Executive" 18th Birthday ###

Go Go Go.. Go Patoota its your birthday, and bacher is your free shopping spree coz its your birthday... and I will be broke just for you coz its your birthday .. But plzzz dont wreck my car just coz its your birthday ;)

Patooti, I luv yew muchooo baby ..Bs daaamn, I hate the fact that now I feel so old :/

Last thought: Wish you luck, wish you Joy.. Wish you marry a BIG FAT BOY!! hehehe I know its super old bs couldnt resist heheheh .. Viva 31st July *wink*

What is "Love" ?!

What is love? Do you believe in love? Can you feel love? How does love make you feel? Is love essential? Is love neccessary? or is it an accessory? Does love at first sight exist? Can friends be lovers? Is love given or earned? Do you love someone just because they simply love you? Do you love someone for a reason? Do we need a reason to love? And does it have to be a valid reason? Can we control love? Does love control us? And above all, Can we live without love?!

Last thought: "I am a dreamer but when I wake, You can't break my spirit - it's my dreams you take." Goodbye my lover by James Blunt

I can`t take it anymore !!

My co-worker is a real pain in the neck. I really dont know how to deal with him. He acts smart when he's not. He would present my ideas as his own. He would minimize and lower whatever I do, while, he makes a big deal of everything he does.If he didnt understand something and I explain it to him, he would play with the words and make it look like he got it all along and I was the one who's lost and didnt understand. Urrghhh! I'm just gonna write down some of scenarios. HELP ME!!

1st scenario:

Moo (my co-worker) is in my office dicussing some work issues. I'm sitting behind my desk, talking to him while typing some stuff. And the office phone rings,,

Cuteberry: Aloo , hala
CEO: hala Cuteberry.. esh9aar 3ala el-project, ako updates?
Cuteberry: yes, blah blah blah (talking about the project and issues we're having)
CEO: ahha ok, take care of it o update me
Cuteberry: enshalla Bo flan.

Moo now looks at me saying "ohhhh eshfeeh shad 7ailaaa.. ma 3enda salfaa 9a7? eshyaby? "

This just pisses me off.. First of all, (and am not bragging or anything) bs its true, the CEO always checks up with me on stuff. Whenever this happenes Moo would talk about him like an idiot lost CEO.. If its his opinion.. I dont care & would respect it. But why?!?! why is it that when the CEO calls him for whatever. He would walk around telling everyone that the CEO called him and act like he's the CEO right arm. Grow up!! Its not a show-off contest!

2nd scenrio:

(note that the work topic will be subtituted with a silly topic just so you would follow up and understand what am going through..)

Moo: Agool Cuteberry, Kuwait flag has green color? Coz am not quiet sure..
Cuteberry: yes green on top. Red on bottom
Moo: laaa laa entay emthay3aaa .. its the opposite... Red on top mo green...
Cuteberry: am 100% sure its Green on top.. eshfeeek ?
Moo: Green was never on top. Its Red on top.
Cuteberry: Always green on top & before that it was ALL red..
Moo: Yes true... It was All red o now maskeen Red is at the bottom..
Cuteberry: Huh? Tawik tgool Red was on top.
Moo: Ana? No way! Everybody knows its Green on top and Red on bottom. Bs you are not getting it. Ma adree shfeech..
Cuteberry: *no comment*

He always do that. I keep ignoring and I try not to let it get into me. Sometimes, I succeed but most of the times it really annoys me!!

3rd scenario:

The phone rings and its Moo.. I pick up

Moo: Cuteberry, plz come to my office.
Cuteberry: am working on something. Is it urgent?
Moo: yes yes. come now!! bye

I wrap up what I was doin and walk to his office..

Cuteberry: so, what is it?
Moo: hmm laa bs i wanted to ask you.. What project were u working on?
Cuteberry: You could've asked me that on the phone!!! and I WAS working on it and then u called ..
Moo: eee ok laaa khalas 3ayal go finish up ur work... I dont want to waste your time.
Cuteberry: *no comment*

I really dont know how to deal with him.. I do like my job but he really annoys me. I'm going crazy crazy crazy... I cant wait til he goes on a vacation, which is 10 days from today. It would be MY vacation as well. I need him off my back yaaaaay :>

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Can you spot the differences ?

No Seriously !!! Can you?!?! :P

"Sushi Club"

For the past week, I was craving Sushi... And its like mission imposible to find a sushi partner :/ I just dont get it!!.. How can anyone not be in the mood for sushi?!?! its light, tasty and a nice treat ... Anyhooo, after some negotiation and convincing, my friend, lets call her "Lexi", finally agreed.. I wanted to try out Hashi, the new sushi place, even though I heard more negative reviews about it than positive... But I wanted to try it and judge it myself.. That's what I always do as I believe that ppl have different and unique taste in everything. What other might LOVE, I might absolutely hate, and vice versa.. So, i was expecting to have my dinner at Hashi last night... Bs in the last minute, Lexi said "If u really wanna have Sushi, then lets go try Sushi Club!" ... Hmmm, So ok, i wanted to go to Hashi bs I didnt try out Sushi club either, so why not?

We went to Sushi club, I walked in all hyper and happy to be having sushi soon, smiling and "Kinichiwa" everyone heheheh. And there was this tall egyptian guy who works there and he looks like he is stoned or high or something...

Cuteberry: Kinichiwaaaaaa *smiles*
Egyptian host in Sushi Club: *blah look*
Cuteberry: hi, we need a table for two plzzz
Egyptian: *Blah look*
Cuteberry: lemme go check upstairs
Lexi: Yeah do that!
Cuteberry: *checks upstairs and back* Hmm its couple's night o ana emjabletech .. hehe we3
Lexi: yal khaysaaa ! ok ok lets sit in a cabina or whatever .. heheh ambaih cabina ma3aach shakoooooo .. heheheh
Cuteberry: *laughs and talks to egyptian* Ok naby cabina
Egyptian: *Blah look*
Cuteberry: *points to cabina* We want this .. naby hatha .. naby nakil ehnak
Egyptian : *Blah look and points to the desired cabina*
Lexi: *whispering* what da hell is wrong with this guy? is he ok?
Cuteberry: whooooooo cares? Sushiiii here i come

So, since I was hungry I ordered more than I can eat, AS ALWAYS.. We ordered #63 on the menu which is like 36 pieces and ordered Prawns Tempura... Imagine, two girls with this amount of sushi heheh.. the place is kinda nice and quiet .. bs the music playing was hmmm ambaih ! I felt like am having sushi in the middle of Cairo.. 7akeeem singing, some unknown lebanese singers and some corny lyrics .. I mean at least put on some lounge music... plus its "Couple's night" then why not some romantic songs?!?! why 7akeeem o Arwaaa and stuff? The food was ok, not wow but ok... We ate what we could, talked, laughed and gossip ;) .... Overall it was fun :> Lexi doesnt eat raw, she thinks its disgusting.. I kinda agree bs am ok with raw salmon and some other stuff, depends on my first try... She hates trying weird stuff, while I on the other hand, emm i like to try and decide...Well, I dont regret eating fried frog legs in Miami, they look kinda freaky but it was soo damn tasty hehehe yup yup Lexi thinks am a monster heheeh

So, it was time for us to leave and Lexi wanted to do a lil experiment, so she walked to that egyptian guy

Lexi: Thank you *smiles*
Egyptian: *Blah look*
Lexi: m3 el-salamaaaaa *waves*
Egyptian: *Blah look*
Lexi: enzain Bye *smile fades away*
Egyptian: *Blah look*
Cuteberry: hahahahahaah
Lexi: No hope.. the kitten ate his tongue *tet7al6am*
Cuteberry: yalla take me home... Curfew curfew ..
Lexi: ok ok yalla

Last thought: I love Maki and I love Sushi Samba .. And I love all my Sushi-partners :*

Saturday, July 29, 2006

To "Pee" or not to "Pee" ?

Well, obviously, in Amesterdam you can find the answer to that question easily ;) heheheh I just think its crazy and funny ..

Ok .. so does that mean if the sign wasnt there, then you can just emmm answer nature's call ? Right then and there? Ohh and I would love to know what the punishment would be for breaking such a law :P clean up your mess?! heheh

Since, there are ALOT of dumb laws (you wont even believe how many funny and stupid laws out there) I decided to represent you with some of my favorite laws, hehehe enjoy :P

  1. In Florida, Women may be fined for falling asleep under a hair dryer, as can the salon owner.
  2. In Florida, You may not fart in a public place after 6 P.
  3. In California, No vehicle without a driver may exceed 60 miles per hour. (What daaaa? )
  4. In NewYork, Women may go topless in public, providing it is not being used as a business.
  5. In NewYork, It is against the law to throw a ball at someone's head for fun. (bummer :/)
  6. In NewYork, The penalty for jumping off a building is death. (seriously?! )
  7. In Michigan, It is legal for a robber to file a law suit, if he or she got hurt in your house. (shall we pay his medical bill as well?! and serve him snacks? )
  8. In Arizona, You may not have more than two dildos in a house. (LOL!)
  9. In Italy, A man may be arrested for wearing a skirt.
  10. In France, No pig may be addressed as Napoleon by its owner.
  11. In France, An ashtray is considered to be a deadly weapon.
  12. In Canada, When raining, a person may not water his/her lawn. (Who would do that?!)
  13. In Canada, The city is classified as a no-pee zone. (Hehehe AGAIN!)
  14. In Thailand, It is illegal to leave your house if you are not wearing underwear. (Giggles)
  15. In Thailand, You must pay a fine of $600 in Thailand if you're caught throwing away chewed bubble gum on the sidewalk. (Yup, a friend of mine did)
  16. In Colorado, It is illegal to ride a horse while under the influence. :P
  17. In Louisiana, It is a $500 fine to instruct a pizza delivery man to deliver a pizza to your friend without them knowing.
  18. In Louisiana, One could land in jail for up to a year for making a false promise. (If that's the case in Kuwait, then the whole country would be a big nice jail... ahhh home sweet home :P )

There are more from where those came from, bs they are either XXX-rated or plain silly.. Yet ridiculously funny :>

For everything else,,,

This is the way it is in our beloved Q8 :)

A haircut & style: $$
A brand wallet: $$$
An expensive watch: $$$$
Top of the line car: $$$$$$
A VIP GYM Membership: $$$

Looking like a Million bucks with nothing in your wallet: PRICLESS!!

For everything else, there's MasterCard ;)

Friday, July 28, 2006

My SCUBA trip ..

So, As planned I met with my instructor and the group around 8:45 am Thursday morning. The day went something like that:

9:00 am -- after checking that everyone and everything was in place and order, the boat headed to our diving spot, Arefjan, which is 15-20 mins away.

9:20 am -- Boat stopped at the location. I was the only open-water student there, where the rest were already advanced divers and beyond.

Weather condition: It was kinda windy with plenty of sunshine :)

Sea condition: High waves and strong tides..... Imagine what effect it had on a peron with sea-sickness like moi :"(

9:21 am-- Aha you guessed it.. After one minute with the boat standing still I couldnt make it anymore and had to jump into the sea. In away I had it coming. You wanna know why?!

::: My instructor called me the day before to confirm and to remind me to sleep early and NOT to eat breakfast, and to have coffee ONLY. Did I do that ?!?!?!? ahhhh-NAH! I had my frosties and topped it with a criossant. (Not a good idea... AT ALL!!)

::: My instructor also reminded me to take my sea-sickness pill once I wake up. Did I do that ?!?!? Ahhhhhhhh-Nope .. I thought I would be able to survive this one :/ .. (NOT a good idea!!)

9:40 am -- So, jumped in sea, had a nice swim, took my pill, been spoiled by everyone (they were soo sweet) and i felt much better and thought I might give it a shot. I got back on the boat to put my gear on. And again, repeat (9:21am). Felt dizzy... Couldnt make it and decided to try some other day enshalla :)

9:45 am til 1:30 pm -- everyone did two dives while I was between laying down on the boat or sun-bathing on a floating chair in the sea, having some cold watermelon.."Yummy in my tummy" ;P and singing along with some songs they had on (so similar to my iTunes collection) I enjoyed it.. So, all in all, it was FUN . I'm just sad and disappointed that I didnt get to do my actual dive as I was soooo looking forward to it .. Enshalla next time :)

My mom is soooooooo gonna kill me as she kept reminding me to bring along my sun protection, which i did. Emmm well, the thing is, I forgot to apply it.. Opsssyyy heheheheh I can feel the sunburn already :/ allah yaster :P I dont wanna be peeling-off; looking look like a face-off monster :/

Last thought: It was Fun under the sun,, without a dive and with a burn ;)

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Tommorow, emmm or actually 6 hrs from now I will be heading to my first official scuba dive trip... I am supposed to be in bed now, tucked in, sleeping, resting, snoring or whatever you wanna name it :P .. I am actually too excited and too scared that I cant sleep... Feels like am heading to a major Final exam that I didnt study for. ( hmm thinking about it... IT IS an Exam .. lets hope I pass and get my license)

I shouldnt be THAT worried coz I went scuba diving once before, like 3 years ago (unlicensed unofficial commercial dive) it was an actual open-water dive nonetheless. OH MY GOD!! I just realized that I signed a document stating that in case I die while diving NO ONE would be responsible ... heheheh how convenient .. oh well .. It was fun and I dont regret it... It's actually the reason why I am applying for my scuba diving license now :) wish me luck ...

I am excited, worried, thrilled, scared and above all.. sleeepy *yaaaawnn*

Final thought : "I will surviiiiiiiiiive.. I'm gonnaaa make it through ... " errrmm or lets hope so ;P

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hello Blog World!

Today is my first day in Blog world so "HELLO " *waves and smiles*

** "Hello" in different languages:

Armenian - "Barev"
Danish - "Goddag"
Dutch - "Hallo"
French - "Bonjour"
German - "Guten Tag"
Greek -"Kalimera"
Hawaiian - "Aloha"
Hindi - "Namaste"
Italian - "Buon giorno"
Japanese - "Konnichiwa"
Spanish - "Hola"
Turkish - "Merhaba"

so, Say Hello to my little "blog" ;)

To B or not to B .. ?!

Testing .. Testing .. 1 .. 2... 3 ..

To Blog or not to Blog..

Can you hear me now ?! Good ;)