Q8 Cuteberry

Saturday, September 30, 2006

I'm in love.... with "Khalid"

Yup, I am in love *sigh*
  • It's not just that I love his name, Khalid. It's not just that it's my favorite name, Khalid.
  • It's not just that I plan to either marry a "Khalid" or give birth to a "Khalid". enshalla!
  • It's not just that I named my own brother "Khalid".
  • It's not just that I love to hear and call his name, Khalid.
  • It's not just because I believe that every Khalid is tall, handsome, masculine and gorgeous.
  • It's not just that his eyes has this amazing mysterious look that shows alot of stories and tales.
  • It's not just that he became a major part of my day.
  • It's not just that my family and friends like him as well.
  • It's because I enjoy the quality time. It's the best compared to the rest.
  • It's because I love the show "Khalid Bin Al-Waleed".
  • It's because it's the time when all members of the family gather and watch silently.
  • It's because after the show you can hear us all laughing and saying words such as "al-la3na", "9ahhon (as in shut-up)", "way7ak", and of course my favorite of all "Hubbbaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!"

I just love it! I love everything about it! I love Khalid! Khalid bin Alwaleed that is! *wink*

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The System

Ramadan is here. The good deeds increase. The devil is on his yearly vacation. The family gatherings make a comeback. Traditional atmosphere fills the rooms. Everything is good EXCEPT "The System"...

The system is screwed up! I no longer know the way to manage my time nor my energy. I feel lost. I feel stuffed. I feel lazy. I feel that my body is being abused with all this food and laziness...My stomach is empty before Futoor, I feel light but with a major headache. After futoor, I think I can hear my stomach saying: "What the *beep* are you trying to do to me? Explode me?!!!" .The TV is screaming "Please turn me off!! The shows are nothing but a real disaster!". My gym is begging : "When will I see you again? I've missed you! Please come back!". My bed is complaining: "You don't lay on me as much! I need your warmth! Please end this affair between you and the living room's couch.. I can't take it anymore!"

Can the system be fixed? How long will it take to adapt to the new system? *sigh*

Last though: Why did the "Candid Camera" shows turned from being funny and creative to completely violent and soooo UN-funny? No one is enjoying it. Not the show's victim nor the audience!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Favorite Ramadan Ad ;)

To TsanTsona:

"Ma balash el-bolabbas el-we7esh daah" ;)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ramadan Activities

Ramadan has a different feeling, a different taste, and a different atmosphere.I love it! I can even sense it in the air. I swear! Even back in the states, I could sense it and it's amazing! I love being in Kuwait in Ramadan, it sure does have a unique feeling here. Especially when people start doing the "Ramadan Activities", such as:
  1. Taking Ramadan off work, sleeping all day.
  2. Watching lousy TV shows. (What's your favorite?)
  3. cruising all day, gazzing (especially right before Futoor)
  4. Working out during the day at the gym, or going to mamsha.
  5. Going to mamsha for the sake of gazzing (combines points 3 & 4)
  6. Chatting and surfing the net until futoor.
  7. Praying, reading Qura`an and doing more islamic readings.
  8. Doing family visits, greeting people you have'nt seen in a long time (Always fun for me)
  9. Going to Diwanya playing cards or PS2 or watching games until Futoor time (Guys only)
  10. Thinking about more activities and All I have in my head is "BLANK"

What's your favorite Ramadan Activity?

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Just got back on time to say.......

" Mbaarak 3laikom el-shahar & Taqabbal allaah 6a3atkom enshalla"

What happens in 'Wherever' stays in 'Wherever'!

Last thought: There's never a right time to say goodbye *sigh*

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Weekend Mood ;)

Everybody say Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy!!
Everybody say Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhh!
Everybody say Haaay ohhhh! Rise your hand up! Jump Jump!

Q8Cuteberry left da house ;)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Thin Line Between Love & Hate

Would you ever...

"Hate someone you loved?"


"Love someone you hated?"

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Shut the *beep* Up!

There are many different situations that one faces everyday. Sad, happy, angry and lovey-dovey situations when someone wants to cry, smile, scream and float over clouds. In most cases, it is best to “keep the mouth shut until further notice!”.

I’ve learned my lesson in a trial-error experience. I can proudly say now, that I can manage to control my emotions, feelings and actions (emm, well I try my best. I am a creature of damn emotions after all. I am a girl; my emotions are allowed to screw things up, so SUE ME!) *giggles*

Here are few things I’ve learned:

“Never tell your problems to anyone...20% don't care and the other 80% are glad you have them” -- (Unless you are doing that to make them feel better *wink*)

“Mn tesharrah tekarrah!”
If someone didn’t get the chance to call or visit, Just be happy to hear/see them again and enjoy the moment instead of complaining about the time they were busy and away.

I know this may conflict with a previous post, but I believe that emotions should NOT be revealed to anyone at anytime. Some emotions are better kept inside; and again,
“Until further notice!”

Trust, love and care are earned, not given! It takes time, do not ask for it. It’s not given!

A smile is to be shared with everyone. A tear is to be seen by only one (Someone who would never take it as a sign of weakness and would never use it against you- That why I choose ME). ;)

Never show hatred! If you don’t like someone, avoid them or keep it low. Do not start a war no matter what; it won’t make things better; It won’t do you any good either.

They say “treat people the way you want to be treated” and I say: Treat people the way THEY want to be treatedsome people won’t show any respect if you were nice, on the other hand, they would love to be your slave if you were mean (I hate being mean, but if this is what they want, then this is what they’ll get. Emmm, so it means I’m nice after all, No?! *giggles*)

Do not give advice or opinion when NOT asked. Some people may consider it rude, others may assume that you are jealous (ahhhh girls drama! Don't get me started on this one)

Conclusion: If you feel like saying something that may have a major effect on someone/something please seal those lips and


Last thought: It is a long post. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks for your time and patience. Ok OK khalas. I've said ALOT.. My mouth is zipped up! :X

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

*** Childhood Memories ***

** I remember watching “My little Pony” all day long, wishing to die, thinking that this is how heaven looks like. Link

** I remember watching “Ra3d Al-3emlaq” eating Twix. Link

**I remember having a major kick-boxing, hair-pulling, name-calling, loud-screaming, things-throwing fight with my sister over the TV remote

** I remember having a black bicycle that I called ‘black beauty’, imagining it was my horsy. I ended up buying a black sport car with whatever horsepower, naming it "Black Beauty" *sigh*

** I remember those days when going to elfer3 (a.k.a baqala a.k.a mini-market) with One KD and it felt like having a million KD in hand.

** I remember the room that we (me and my sister) covered with posters, no walls could be seen; even the garbage can had pictures on it. It was our studio. Many productions took place there. We still have the videos.

** I remember when we were tennis players, theatre directors, music band members, and many other roles. The world was our big a$$ theatre and we could be whatever we wanted to be.

** I remember filling the tub with water, jumping over the couch, sliding the mattress over the stairs, and mixing (ketchup, salt & pepper, hot sauce, chocolate syrup and honey) in a coke can and dare to drink it. All back to normal, minutes before my mom would walk in.

** I remember being a lousy goal keeper. If the ball came to the right, I would jump left. Yup, I was avoiding it. Until one day, the ball found its way to my face; ended my soccer career. Otherwise, I would kick Captain Majed’s a$$. Ab6al Al-mala3eb would have no chance either!!!

** I remember sleeping at night, covering my toes so that Frankenstein wouldn’t appear from underneath my bed and bite them off. I still do that. And yes, for the same freakin` reason!!

** I remember ordering Roast beef sandwich from ‘Hungry Bunny’, singing “Hungry bunnyyy I’m soooo hungry. Hungry bunny I’m sooo hungry! Come and have a super bunny right now!!”

** I remember practicing Michael Jackson’s moves; dancing along Thriller, doing the moonwalk and walking as sexy as the skinny girl in ‘The way you make me feel’. Link

I remember many many other good times, fun fights, wide smiles, loud giggles and innocent looks. Kids nowadays shall envy us!! They are rushing into their childhood, wanting to be adults. They have NO IDEA what they are truly missing!

Can I be a kid all over again?

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Sacrifice of Love

The Sacrifice of Love is to:

"Let go of the person you love, thinking they deserve and may find better options"
"Let go of your fun time and start working extra hard to be that person that they deserve"

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Could it be?

The psychic said:

" You have no problem with being there for others, but you're convinced that you can't let yourself depend on someone else. Could it be that this attitude is what's holding you back from really getting involved? "

Last though: "Kathab al-monajemon walaw sadago" .. I don't believe in horoscopes and stuff like that, but I admit that it makes me think and wonder sometimes.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Confusing Birthday Wish

Imagine this:
It was your birthday and someone dear gave you a birthday card. You opened the card and with their nice hand-written style, you read this:

" Hope you live the best life soon in Paradise where you belong"


Take a minute there! Read it throughly and carefully; then answer this:

"" Is it a good birthday wish that would make you smile?""


""Is it a deadly wish that would make you frown and creeped out ?""

Last thought: If you love someone, would you wish them death? Whether they were so sick or so healthy, would you wish them death? If you meant well, would you wish them death? If they unintentionally harmed you and/or broke your heart and spirit, would you wish them death? If you said it as a joke, deep down would you wish them death?

Monday, September 04, 2006

My Mood Fix!

Whenever I hear this song, I feel high and I don`t know why!

Last thought: "Number 1 is standing, vertical. Coz I never take things personal!"

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The "Dream Job"

Doing some work. Chillin` at my office. Storming my brain with ideas and imagination. Drinking water. Thinking about lunch. Talking on the phone. Talking on my mobile. Reading some stuff. Surfing the internet. Writting sms. Preparing for a meeting. Thinking about my job, my career and my dream job. STOP!!

" What is your dream job? "
(if you have one)
Last thought: I wonder what makes a job "The dream job". Is it what pays best? or what we enjoy more? Choosing creativity and constant changes? or choosing a routine to stick to? Choosing to deal with clients? or to deal with the PC and papers only? Choosing Thur-Fri weekend? or Fri-Sat weekend? and above all, Going to work? or staying home all day?

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Since I am super duper moody (something I'm not so proud of!), I got this habit of evaluating my mood and others' moods as well. I have to!! It's the moods that surrounds me that effect my mood. If I was in a good mood, I wouldnt mind listening to others' problems and dramas, coz I got some positive energy to spread and share. However, If I was in a bad mood, people have to think twice or more before even talking to me! (Again, it's not something that I'm proud of. It is, however, nice to make people think twice! hehehe).

Therefore, I created a "mood-o-meter" for every important person in my life. Each person has a different mood-o-meter and a different approach. I get to use it to manage my ways with/around them AND to keep myself and my mood out of troubles.

Here is my precious Mom's "Mood-o-meter"
The Question:
Me: Youma et7ebeniiii?

Answer #1
Mom: Uffffffffffffffffffff!! *motherly love in her eyes*
(Mood: Excellent! You can get whatever you ask for!)

Answer #2
Mom: Akeeeeed! amoot 3laich!You are my baby! *Squeezing hug*
(Mood: Very good! You can get out of undesired family gatherings)

Mom: a7ebich wayed *smiles at me*
(Mood: Good! You can ask for stuff, BUT don't push for it)

Mom: Why are you asking? Esh3endich?
(Mood: Bad! You are on your own! Back off and run if you can!)

Mom: La` I dont. Kelish! *"Get lost!" look on her lovely eyes*
(Mood: Very Bad! Okhhhh! What the *beep* did I do this time to upset her ?(Think! Think! Think faster!!))

Note: My mom is daloo3a. So, I am not guilty for the crime mentioned in Answer#5. All I can say to defend myself is "Wasn't me!" *shaggy style*

UPDATE: Last night, after giving my mom her birthday gift and asking her the mood-o-meter question, the answer was "Uffffffffffffff! Ufffffffffffffff! Uffffffffffffffff!" (Now this is what I call the "Ultimate Mood"!! YAY!) *wide grin* ;)