Q8 Cuteberry

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ze Valnetine'Z Day :)

Scene #1:
Me: "Bacher V.day, and me being V-less :/"
My sis: "Lol, V.day is bid3a.. Who celebrate it will be cursed... Thank God u dont have a valentine.. This is the way I think about it, I am only allowed one bid3a a year and it is my Birthday! hehehehe"
Me: "Heheheh I feel much better now! Thanks :P"

Scene #2:
Me: "Hope you have a Happy Valentine's day with your loved ones! :) "
My friend: "You mean the imaginary loved ones? ;P"

Scene #3:
Me heading out of the gym (Yes, I spent V-day at the gym. It's my senctuary ;) ) and then this short chubby guy wearing a RED t-shirt approaching me, and BINGO! Right then and there, Proposing!!!! Creepy! A stranger, Valentine's day, Red T-shirt, Proposing! Need I say more?

Note to self:
Next 14th of Feb, Stay away from the color RED, ppl wearing RED, or anything that say "Valentine" :) Hope you enjoyed your day too ;)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Question of the Week!

Hmmm, well, it is actually the "toughest" question of the whole year! hehehe

So, here goes:

To all cute bloggers out there ;)

Last thought: Hope each and every one of YOU know the answer to YOUR question and not facing such a dilemma :/ It's no fun..

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

**** The Disappearing Reasons ****

I know I did a Houdini's disappearing act for a while now; and now that I am back, I was asked and kind of forced to give valid reasons explaining my actions *eye-rolling* OKAY! So, I decided to mention those reasons as follows:

1- I had a boring period in my active life, I felt that there is nothing to post about.
2- I fell IN love and/or fell OUT of love, it took some of my time.
3- I am a moody person, and I was NOT in the mood to blog.
4- I needed time to focus on my career and to make major changes.
5- I had to pick a new style, clothing, hair-cut and more for my 2007 NEW ME.
6- I have commitement issues; so, once I was getting attached to my blog, I HAD to take a break.
7- I wanted 2006 *yekh* to be over, and I was waiting for 2007 to come and Voilaaaa! Here I am ;)

Last thought: All the reasons above, None of them, One of them, OR some of them might be true. I'll let YOU decide depending on how well you think you know me *giggles* I think this would be fun *wink* Enjoy!

Sunday, February 04, 2007


I just got back from the Mayadeen Shooting Range (I think I got the name right, I think). Boy, oh Boy wasn't that fun?! I felt like a kid in a candy shop. It's my first time to hold and shoot a real rifle and a gun (Berreta). I've been told am a naturaaaaaaaaaaaal *giggles*

Me like shooting!
Me want to kill somebody now!
Me like being a criminal!

Last thought: If you had to name one person to shoot, who would it be? I know I have a loooooooong list of names, but at the moment of shooting, I had someone on mind! And OHH YEAH! It felt goooooood. (Hmmmm,that doesn't make me a bad person, does it?)

Q8Cuteberry :: The 2007 Comeback!

I'm baaaaaack; or shall I say a new (almost) updated version of Q8cuteberry is finally here? *giggles*

I can NOT even describe how much I miss this world, the blogging world. Damn it! How did I get to be hooked? I know I am not an "professional & official" addict, bs still!

Hope you guys miss me as much as I missed you.

Last thought: Thank you. And you. And You. And You. And to each and everyone who e-mailed me, asked about me, and posted about me.. It's soooo sweet of you guys and I truely appreciate it! Plz, consider yourself HUGGED ;) *wink*