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Saturday, September 02, 2006


Since I am super duper moody (something I'm not so proud of!), I got this habit of evaluating my mood and others' moods as well. I have to!! It's the moods that surrounds me that effect my mood. If I was in a good mood, I wouldnt mind listening to others' problems and dramas, coz I got some positive energy to spread and share. However, If I was in a bad mood, people have to think twice or more before even talking to me! (Again, it's not something that I'm proud of. It is, however, nice to make people think twice! hehehe).

Therefore, I created a "mood-o-meter" for every important person in my life. Each person has a different mood-o-meter and a different approach. I get to use it to manage my ways with/around them AND to keep myself and my mood out of troubles.

Here is my precious Mom's "Mood-o-meter"
The Question:
Me: Youma et7ebeniiii?

Answer #1
Mom: Uffffffffffffffffffff!! *motherly love in her eyes*
(Mood: Excellent! You can get whatever you ask for!)

Answer #2
Mom: Akeeeeed! amoot 3laich!You are my baby! *Squeezing hug*
(Mood: Very good! You can get out of undesired family gatherings)

Mom: a7ebich wayed *smiles at me*
(Mood: Good! You can ask for stuff, BUT don't push for it)

Mom: Why are you asking? Esh3endich?
(Mood: Bad! You are on your own! Back off and run if you can!)

Mom: La` I dont. Kelish! *"Get lost!" look on her lovely eyes*
(Mood: Very Bad! Okhhhh! What the *beep* did I do this time to upset her ?(Think! Think! Think faster!!))

Note: My mom is daloo3a. So, I am not guilty for the crime mentioned in Answer#5. All I can say to defend myself is "Wasn't me!" *shaggy style*

UPDATE: Last night, after giving my mom her birthday gift and asking her the mood-o-meter question, the answer was "Uffffffffffffff! Ufffffffffffffff! Uffffffffffffffff!" (Now this is what I call the "Ultimate Mood"!! YAY!) *wide grin* ;)


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